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Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Taiho," "we," "us," "our," or "ours") recognizes that the protection of everyone's privacy is an important responsibility of the company as a business that guarantees the protection of personal information, and it is fully committed to such protection.

  1. This statement applies to personal information that you provide to all websites under the domain name of (including subdomains) that are operated and managed by Taiho.
  2. This website has been established by Taiho and is operated and managed to provide information about Taiho, its products and other matters. Normally, when visiting our website, you do not need to reveal your identity or disclose “Personal Information “(name, postal address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, etc.). However, if you want to use certain website functions, you may be asked to provide Personal Information.
    In such case, you will be notified immediately before the collection of Personal Information about the purpose and the information to be collected. We will only collect Personal Information when you consent to it.
    When we wish to use Personal Information for other purposes, we will need to obtain your prior permission. Under all circumstances, the provision of Personal Information is voluntary.
  3. Taiho does not provide or disclose Personal Information collected from you to third parties except in the following cases.
    (1) When your consent has been obtained
    (2) When disclosure to third parties is permitted by relevant laws and regulations or policies and guidelines
    (3) When ordered by a court of law or when ordered to disclose or submit Personal Information based on an edict from a government agency
    (4) When disclosure is within the scope required to carry out business with subcontractors under a nondisclosure agreement with Taiho
    In addition, when the use of Personal Information is outside the scope of the purpose of use described herein, we shall obtain your consent for such use.
  4. Taiho's website may use "Cookies." Cookies are a bit of information that is stored on a computer that visits a website to help the website remember information about the visitor. Our website may use cookies to collect passive information.
  5. For the convenience of everyone who uses Taiho's website, links may be provided to third-party websites from our website. If you access these links, you will leave our website. We do not manage or check the linked websites or their Privacy Statements/Policies. Their Privacy Statements/Policies may differ from ours . We do not necessarily support the Statements/Policies of third-party websites and in no sense does it attempt to act as their agent. When transmitting Personal Information on any company’s website, we recommend that you check the Privacy Statements/Policies of those companies.
  6. Taiho may revise all or part of its Privacy Statement. If a revision is made, it will be announced to all by posting it for a certain period of time on this website.
  7. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in the latest version of this Privacy Statement.
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