Sustainability President's Message

Solving Social Issues Through Our Business to Sustain People’s “Today and Every Day”

Taking on the Social Issues in Health and Strongly Supporting People’s “Everyday”

Since Taiho Pharmaceutical’s founding in 1963, we have been addressing social issues in health together with various stakeholders, including patients and their families, peer supporters,1 other concerned people, and business partners. We have delivered smiles and grown together. Our corporate philosophy, “We strive to improve human health and contribute to a society enriched by smiles,” captures our firm belief that we should deliver “smiles” to everyone.
Moving forward, we remain committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities, never forgetting our gratitude for our stakeholders, colleagues, and the global environment. We aim to keep contributing to the health of people worldwide and supporting their irreplaceable smiles in everyday life.
1 Peer supporters are people who themselves have experienced illness, disability, caregiving, etc., and use such experience to support others in similar circumstances.

Pursuing a Sustainable Business Based on Four Key Material Issues

As seen with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the scope of corporate social responsibility has broadened significantly, spurred by growing global environmental awareness and consideration for human rights. Taiho Pharmaceutical has evaluated the social issues it addresses from both management and stakeholder perspectives, and then identified those of significant importance as our material issues. We hereafter will integrate these material issues with our mid- to long-term growth strategies to promote sustainable business practices while helping to solve social issues through our business.

Addressing Unmet Medical Needs

Since its foundation, Taiho Pharmaceutical has been contributing to the fulfillment of unmet medical needs, primarily in the oncology field. Cancer research today is moving forward from prolonging life to curing cancer. We have instilled in this material issue our commitment to continue taking on the challenge of drug discovery in pursuit of complete cures to deliver smiles to patients worldwide for decades to come.
While focusing on in-house drug discovery, we will also continue to provide valuable products to patients worldwide through co-creation with academia (universities and research institutions) with advanced expertise and new partner companies that we encounter through our corporate venture capital investments.

Strengthening Corporate Governance

Ensuring reliability, quality, and stable supply will always be a mission for healthcare companies. As our business expands rapidly around the globe, we will continue strengthening our corporate governance system by building a framework to manage operational risks across our entire group of companies in and outside Japan.

Instilling Corporate Philosophy and Fostering Organizational Culture

The foundation of providing long-term value lies in our people, making investment in human capital crucial. As a company determined to keep confronting the life-threatening disease of cancer, our employees must each act with high ethical standards in every situation as people involved in a life-related business. Transmitting the philosophy and culture that underpin these ethics to the next generation is an essential element of our approach to human resource development. Additionally, we are committed to developing talent that respects human rights and diversity, including race, gender, culture, illness, and so on, and who can harness societal changes to fuel growth.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality

As a manufacturer, we are very aware of the importance of responsible production —a responsibility that entails consideration for the environment to ensure a sustainable society. In response to climate change, we are committed to reducing environmental impacts across our entire value chain, such as by using renewable energy as well as sustainable resources and procurement. In this way, we will do our part to build a future where humanity and the planet coexist harmoniously.

A Promise from Taiho Pharmaceutical: “Today and Every Day”

At Taiho Pharmaceutical, we want our drug discovery to go beyond curing diseases. It is also our passion to give strength and to constantly support the precious moments of everyday life, helping to keep them flowing for patients facing illnesses and their families, peer supporters, and all people, regardless of their health condition.
Taiho Pharmaceutical takes a comprehensive view from treatment to disease prevention. In addition to drug discovery aimed at curing cancer and other intractable diseases, we are determined to offer a broad range of solutions that can contribute to patients’ well-being beyond pharmaceuticals. In partnership with our stakeholders, we will create a sustainable society enriched by smiles so that people worldwide can continue to enjoy their everyday lives, “today and every day.”

Masayuki Kobayashi

President and Representative Director