History of the Consumer Healthcare Business

Looking toward global expansion, especially in ASEAN countries, Taiho Pharmaceutical will continue to research and develop new and unique products that meet people’s needs and enrich their lives, hoping to keep people smiling longer.


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Tiovita Drink launched in Japan

Tiovita Drink was created as a drink to support health in daily life. It contains ingredients such as taurine and B vitamins which help people recover from tiredness. Turned into a series, the expanded lineup today sells approximately 145million bottles per year, for a cumulative total of more than 6.5 billion bottles delivered to consumers over the years.


Solmack, an herbal digestive support drink, launched in Japan

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Solmack was introduced as a liquid gastrointestinal medicine containing herbal drugs. With the convenience of being able to drink straight from the bottle, Solmack has been a choice for over 40 years.


Harncare, an herbal medicine for mild incontinence and frequent urination, launched in Japan

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To meet the needs of an aging society, Harncare was developed as an herbal medicine that ameliorates urinary problems in an easy-to-take liquid formulation. It is the first OTC drug in Japan to be approved for the treatment of mild incontinence.


PITAS Sore Throat Troche launched in Japan

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The PITAS series of film-type troches was developed by listening to the requests of office workers. The round film-type troche containing the medication sticks to the roof of the mouth to relieve problems such as sore throat, swelling, coughing, and bad breath. The product is thin, easy to carry, and can be used while speaking without being noticed by others, making it convenient in business situations such as important meetings and when communicating with customers. In 2022, PITAS series was also launched in Singapore.


Efil, a virus removal/antibacterial spray, launched in Japan

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Efil is a virus removal and antibacterial spray that utilizes the antibacterial, antiviral, and deodorizing effects of metal ions.

Taiho Pharmaceutical’s official online shop launched in Japan

Taiho Pharmaceutical launched an e-commerce business for its products. It sells preventative health care products such as Femilacto, a supplement containing lactobacillus Rosell-11 & 52 to care for women’s bodies.


BUP-4 LADY launched in Japan

It is estimated that about 8 million Japanese men and women over 40 years old suffer from symptoms of an overactive bladder. To address this problem, which affects the quality of daily life, BUP-4 LADY was launched as Japan’s first OTC drug indicated for urinary urgency in women and is available for purchase at pharmacies under the guidance of a pharmacist.

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